[Manwha] Love at first sight season 2 [2008]

This is a review of Love at first sight season 2. I haven’t read this manwha since I finished its scanlation. Therefore, I had to re-read it. I had even forgotten why I started to dislike this series so much near the end.

After reading it again though, I see why.

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[Manwha] Anuki [2002]

Anuki sets its place in a fictional war ridden era. Given technologies displayed in the manwha, I take it’s somewhere around 1930, basically World War I era.

Released in 2002, this was another manwha that drew my attention in early 2000 along with Yureka. I’ve fully scanlated this. However, due to translation quality, I’ve pulled the link.

A warning though; this review is spoiler heavy.

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[Manwha] Love at first sight season 1 [2006]

AKA “Hannune Banhada” which is basically how the original Korean title (한눈에 반하다) sounds in English.

I am going to review season 1 and season 2 separately because trying to bundle the two seasons together is going to be a trainwreck partially because the two seasons are pretty much entirely different from one another.

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[Manga] Break-Age [1994]

Break-Age was mentioned in my Yureka review. Therefore, I’ve decided to cover it.

Now, this is a manga. Yureka is a manwha. Manga is Japanse. Manwha is Korean. For Westerners and outsiders, this small distinction may not matter much. I mean both are a word for comic after all. However, calling manga manwha and vice versa can certainly trigger some people. I believe it is something like calling Welsh people British because you couldn’t care less. Or, in my case, I don’t think I will be able to tell.

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My thoughts on Legend of galactic heroes remake

Japan’s anime industry has been doing remakes for a while now.

And, for the record, I am generally not against remakes because I do favor full 1080p over 480p and less. And Japanese anime industry generally know what they are doing.

Now, having said that, let’s talk about Legend of galactic heroes remake.

In the remake, virtually everything has changed. Character designs were completely changed. Plot was shortened, omitting minor events.
There have been good changes and, of course, bad changes. I hear its fan base is rather split, mainly on the shortened plot.

I can see why they’ve chosen to shorten the story. Attention span of today’s generation appears to be a lot shorter, and their aim for the remake is rake in money. Making it boring isn’t the best way to do it, I suppose.
However, it is Legend of galactic heroes. A legendary series on its own that deserves a place in the history of anime.

What I really wanted to see was them acting outside of the box and break the stupid 12 episode per season rule. I did not expect them to port everything but at the least I wanted them to break the 12 episode limit.
Legend of galactic heroes deserved a special treatment but the remake didn’t get that.

I do like the 1080p resolution and I can accept the character redesigns. I mean styles & trends change. A remake is generally aimed at a younger generation who find something too old fashioned to accept. Thus, I am willing to accept those changes.

What I do not accept is anime industry’s reluctance to break the 12 episode per season rule. They could have done 15 episodes in the first season for an example. They could have done 14 episodes in season 2.

But, no, they chose to adhere to a strict 12 episode per season and, thus, severely cut the story down.

That I do not like to see.