My novel

The title is Two Clusters. The story is divided by arcs. I’ve been writing it since 1980s. This is a sci-fi novel set in and around year 9599.

Story name format is [Arc name] [Story number] [Story title] [Story year].

🦉Cecil arc

Cecil is the arch character of Two Clusters, appearing in all generations either directly or indirectly.

🌼Masu arc

This is Masu’s story from his early days to his passing.

🛠️Repairman arc

Stories about repairmen in various time and places. There is no main character in this arc. Each story is isolated from another.

⚔️Shattered union arc

If you want a central plot to follow, this is the arc you should start with.

👦Ashuta arc

Ashuta is the main character here, who is just an ordinary person who just happened to be sacrificed for politics.

🔨Hammers arc

“The Hammers” is a group of people handpicked by Cecil. This arc includes several people more outside of the circle as well.

🔮Kain and Suu arc

A story about two people who may hate each other but end up dying for each other.

🔪Sae arc

She hates everything in the world.

💢Juron arc

Juron is a class S ESP working for Andromeda union.

His goal is simple: Destroy United Sol.

🌌Milky way arc

A tragic story.

♘White knight arc

Juun, the white knight.

This is his story.

♞Black knight arc

Eran Gro, the Black knight.

This is his story.

🦀Hermit arc

Ssilen’s story. She is one of Cecil’s pupils.

👽Alien arc

The universe is falling apart. Somebody has to save it.

🪐Shell of Pluto arc

Anesita’s story

💥Warring era arc

Warring era arc sits from year 9670 to 9999.

This arc contains stories from the breakup of United Sol in Shattered union arc. Therefore, having a good understanding of Shattered union arc is prerequisite.

👯Rocksea arc

Set in Rocksea, the outskirts of Andromeda system, this arc deals with various characters who make their home in this region.

🌒Moonlight arc

This arc tells a story of a blade between year 9790 to 9999.

It is the same Moonlight blade appeared in Alien arc.