Just a little bit of background history behind this blog and how all good things come to an end, eventually.

I will try to make it short.

Believe or not, I was one of the first scanaltors for Korean manwha back in 1998. The site, at the time anime-anime.com, rose to it highest during 2003 ~ 2005 where I had to maintain a dedicated server to handle the traffic. The site domain changed as well to janimes.com

However, aggregator sites started to progressively draw traffic away from the site and the site started to wither. By year 2012, at which point the site domain changed to surasplace.com, the site was hanging on but it was clearly dying.

As old timers at the site moved on with their lives and no new fresh blood coming in, it was, really, a matter of time. I finally decided that it was enough and called it quits on mid-March of 2018.

Looking back, I had a choice of turning the site of an aggregator site. I knew I had the choice but chose not. It was due to moral reasons.

Personally, I’ve moved on from scanlation myself as well and have no intention of ever working on another scanlation project.

Starting June of 2020, I began to do reviews of old anime, manga, and manwha as a mean to rejuvenate the site a little.

18 thoughts on “Little bit of history

  1. I had no reason to keep backup. This is the last stand after all. Though, I am seeing slight traffic increase as well as increased number of comments after moving to this platform.This site just won't die.


  2. Sura, are you telling me, you don't occasionally open up old threads and go trawling thru them for old time's sake? That's only me, living in the past? OK LOL


  3. Actually, no, not once have I done that. I don't tend to dwell on the past and just move on. If I valued the past, I wouldn't have changed the site and would have chosen to stick with the old one.


  4. Unless they willingly post here to give you contact info, no. Old data is gone. Besides, chances are high that the old contact data is inaccurate at this point.


  5. Yeah, I can see that the old data is gone except for what we have individually kept. Am in touch with Deimos, lulu and Arrocee on FB. Trying to see who else we can connect.


  6. Greetings, just a nobody who ended up here via a rabbit hole.Just wanted to say mad respect for sticking with it for 20 years; whatever you may be doing these days I hope it's going well.


  7. Hi Sura, I remember when I first found out about Janimes due to the series Princess 10 years ago. Princess is still on hiatus but I loved the characters and the story a lot. Later on I learned that you also scanlated Hot Blooded Woman. Although Hwang Mi Ri stories were not great, they were cliche and it was one of my favorite novels as a kid. Occasionally I would come back to your site to see how everything is going, and I just wanted to say thank you for all the scanlations you shared with us over the years.


  8. I learned my first word in Korean (nabi) on JanimeS and have so many memories of so many interesting and beautiful stories because of your website and your work. Thanks for everything you’ve done. Now I’m curious about the other things you’re writing so off to read some of those!


  9. Wow! You site is changed!:) It’s been 7 years since I was on your site the last time, thank you very much for the opportunity to find out how so many of my favorite manhwas ended back then! I haven’t read anything new or anything from manhwa in general for a long time and recently decided to reread what I once liked so much). Such nostalgia, everything is different).


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