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Regarding R

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Regarding R is stories of four women who are friends.

Above is all that needs to be said about this webtoon. However, I'd like to add some more words.

I consider [Regarding R] to be one of the best webtoons I've read. It may not have a pretty drawing style but its plots and how they are interweaved makes this webtoon very, very, good. This is stories of four women who are friends. Some of them are close. Some of them know each other just barely but their lives are connected together through various means.

The four women, all of them have problems of their own. One just wants to be loved. One wants to find what she is living for. One wants to have a good career. One wants to just move on. While they are "friends", they don't always get along and you will get to see their dark sides.

And while the main focus of this webtoon lies on the stories of four women, stories of their boyfriends are portrayed to some degree as well.

The difference between friend or foe appears to be paper thin in this webtoon.

In the end, though, all of them find where they belong.

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