Scanlation Policy

Basic policy for my projects

There is no exception really. I forbid external hosting of my projects. I do not and have never allowed aggregator sites (Mangafox, Mangahere, Mangago, Mangataders, and so on) to upload my works.

Why you ask?

Scanlation by itself is illegal. And my firm brief in scanlation is that the works must remain free. No one should be making any kind of profit even if it's few bucks. I do scanlation on my own will and therefore am willing to pay for the server and am willing to spend my own time.

Most of online manga readers (AKA aggregator sites) exist solely to make profit out of scanlations. And I must condemn such actions.

However, I've chosen to work with Batoto to some degree.

Why Batoto?

Because they let me control what are uploaded unlike other online manga reading sites where they just grab whatever they get their hands on and simply upload everything for every little profit. Contents on Batoto is user-controlled. Other manga reader sites are not.


Joint projects.

I used to accept translation requests from other teams. And I take no claim over joint projects, meaning the above "Do not host my projects" rule does not apply to joint projects.

Requesting permission to translate scanlations into other languages.

You do not need my permission to re-translate my projects into another langauge.

However, I do ask you to keep Sura's place (formerly JanimeS) logo on the scans intact. And I do ask you to report what project you will be re-translating and your team's URL.

Very old scanlations don't have it (Those that were done in 2003 and early 2004), but most of them have a logo throughout pages, not every pages though.Every ten pages, it should bear a logo of JanimeS.
The logo basically looks like this.

Re-translated projects may be hosted by their teams' website.

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  • Guest - Junko

    about 1 year ago

    Mangago is posting dalsez.

  • Sura

    about 1 year ago

    Nothing I can do. They don't even listen and don't care. They just want easy money. They are the primary reason I am stopping webtoon projects.