History of the site

JanimeS has been around since 1998 and has been maintained by I, Klisis (Now Sura).

JanimeS was first created in early 1998 as an untitled website at Geocities (Which is now gone). At later 1998, I finally purchased klisis.com for my site from Geocities, so Klisis.com was the first name and domain for my small anime site.

During 1999, my site had begun to get a small amount of traffic, less than 200 hits per day. The site didn't have much content back then. At later 1999, I finally purchased anime-anime.com which has been using until now, it took long a long time, but my site was getting around 10,000 hits per day at the moment. Additionally at the moment, 3 members joined me to build up the site.

During 2000, what *we* (Yes, we at the moment, the four people) were trying to do was to provide webhosting although the plan failed due to lack of fund. It was not my idea though. The three people left to go on with their lives. I was left alone again. And my site, anime-anime.com, had lost quite amount of reputation. I had to start over again. However, this time, I took it slowly and gradually. I had begun to add contents to the site with time being. At this time, my site was getting avg 50,000 hits per day

During 2001, nothing much changed except for what I had been doing was adding content, and I opened an official discussion forum (powered by UBB). In the meantime, the traffic my site was getting raised day by day. And finally, in later 2001, Anime-Anime.com had finally exceeded getting avg 100,000 hits per day, and at the similar time, I renamed Anime-Anime.com JanimeS officially and purchased JanimeS.com. Anime-Anime.come is still accessible although it redirects to JanimeS.com.

Originally, I was going to register Janime.com (without S in the end), but it sounded blend. After some thoughts (Just for a few minutes), I added a "S" in the end to make it sound smoother, so it became JanimeS.com instead of Janime.com.
"JanimeS" is supposed to mean "J"apanese animation "S"ite. Hence, you often see a logo "JS" from some layouts.

During 2002, I tried to provide free mailing service but ended up closing it. The traffic has been growing slowly and gradually, reaching maximum of 150,000 hits a day. Additionally I have also begun translating manga / manhwa into English.

Ever since 2002, I've been working on scanlation, and JanimeS started to shift its main focus to scanlation. It is also worthwhile to note that my English wasn't very good at that time. However, my English language did improve as I did more and more tranlations.

From 2003 to present time, it has been all about scanlation.
The very first project that grabbed people's attention was "The way this boy lives" followed by "Utopia of Homosexuality".
The first big hit was Hot Blooded Woman which overloaded my dedicated server few times. The second big hit was (is) Princess.
While not as hot as those two, Normal City attracted a good amount of attention as well.

Site traffic, however, decreased greatly. It has gone down to 50% of what JanimeS used to get, and majority of visitors tended to only view scanlation and not use the site forum, which resulted quietness over the forum.

After some investigation, I found out that the reason site traffic was decreasing was because of manga sharing sites which was acting as a gateway. Those sites were effectively preventing people to visit JanimeS. Since then I started placing a statement on the end of my scanlation, "Do not upload my projects to other (or manga sharing) sites."

On 13rd September 2009, I've changed my username to Sura from Klisis.