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  • Guest - Masterteo89

    about 1 year ago

    First of all, i would like to thank you for your work.
    I found this site thanks to a manhwa, and i really appreciate what you are doing for all of us, for free.
    Now, to the main reason of this comment : i'm following one of your project called " Kumiho ". I wanted to tell you that sadly i've found scans of this project on sites like MangaTown.
    It's a shame that some people steal the free work of people like you.

  • Sura

    Guest - Masterteo89 about 1 year ago

    That's why I quit.

  • Guest - Masterteo89

    Sura about 1 year ago

    Well, i agree with you. I'm sure that it must make you mad all of this.

    But if i may , i would like to give you a small suggestion.

    I know probably how you feel. Being used by other unknown people that use your efforts to gain money.
    But you see, this is how life goes. I work, and in my job it's not uncommon that the underlings do the hard work and the boss get the results and all the praises for a job well done ( that he did not do).
    Like me, countless other people who have a job are in similar situations.
    What is happening to you is not so different, i fear. Life is not fair.

    So, before quitting, i think that you should ask yourself a question : " Do i do scanlations because i like it ? "

    If the answer is yes, then the losers that steal your scanlations can go to hell. You have fun, and we readers knows who really is behind the scans " stealed " and are thankful to you for your work, not to mangafox and such sites that steals.

    Don't allow the bad actions of others to stop you from doing what you really like to do.

    Consider all of this, but know that i'm absolutely not trying to make you change ideas. You are free to do as you please.

    (Is there a way i can register to your site? )

  • Sura

    Guest - Masterteo89 about 1 year ago

    I had done scanlation for 12 years before I quit. I doubt not many out there has done it for that long. So, I don't care for others' opinions on the matter. I did quit a while ago. Nothing is being updated other than those that editors are working on.
    User registration has been fixed.

  • Guest - ThuLan

    about 1 year ago

    dear Sura, i am searching for the last volume of Love at first sight... then i learned that i have to register to be able to access the post.
    However, i'm unable to Register though the button is right above this box, but it led to a Login Window instead of a Register one.
    Is there something wrong on my site or your place doesn't accept new bie any more? :o

    Best regard

  • Sura

    Guest - ThuLan about 1 year ago

    I had it disabled due to a large number of spam signings. I've enabled it back for now.

  • Guest - OverDarkSky

    about 8 months ago

    Hi! I wanted to register because my group is translating one of your projects. The problem is that I'm not getting verification email so I can't register. Could you please help me in some way?

  • Sura

    Guest - OverDarkSky about 8 months ago

    What is your e-mail address in question?

  • Sura

    Guest - OverDarkSky about 8 months ago

    Account manually activated.

  • jo

    about 8 months ago

    what should i do to have the links for perfect couple?
    and if you have an idea to where i can find the scan for dalsez, there not available in my country
    thanks for your answers