JanimeS has been around since 1998 and has been maintained by I, Klisis (Now Sura).

JanimeS was first created in early 1998 as an untitled website at Geocities (Which is now gone). At later 1998, I finally purchased klisis.com for my site from Geocities, so Klisis.com was the first name and domain for my small anime site.

During 1999, my site had begun to get a small amount of traffic, less than 200 hits per day. The site didn't have much content back then. At later 1999, I finally purchased anime-anime.com which has been using until now, it took long a long time, but my site was getting around 10,000 hits per day at the moment. Additionally at the moment, 3 members joined me to build up the site.

During 2000, what *we* (Yes, we at the moment, the four people) were trying to do was to provide webhosting although the plan failed due to lack of fund. It was not my idea though. The three people left to go on with their lives. I was left alone again. And my site, anime-anime.com, had lost quite amount of reputation. I had to start over again. However, this time, I took it slowly and gradually. I had begun to add contents to the site with time being. At this time, my site was getting avg 50,000 hits per day

During 2001, nothing much changed except for what I had been doing was adding content, and I opened an official discussion forum (powered by UBB). In the meantime, the traffic my site was getting raised day by day. And finally, in later 2001, Anime-Anime.com had finally exceeded getting avg 100,000 hits per day, and at the similar time, I renamed Anime-Anime.com JanimeS officially and purchased JanimeS.com. Anime-Anime.come is still accessible although it redirects to JanimeS.com.

Originally, I was going to register Janime.com (without S in the end), but it sounded blend. After some thoughts (Just for a few minutes), I added a "S" in the end to make it sound smoother, so it became JanimeS.com instead of Janime.com.
"JanimeS" is supposed to mean "J"apanese animation "S"ite. Hence, you often see a logo "JS" from some layouts.

During 2002, I tried to provide free mailing service but ended up closing it. The traffic has been growing slowly and gradually, reaching maximum of 150,000 hits a day. Additionally I have also begun translating manga / manhwa into English.

Ever since 2002, I've been working on scanlation, and JanimeS started to shift its main focus to scanlation. It is also worthwhile to note that my English wasn't very good at that time. However, my English language did improve as I did more and more tranlations.

From 2003 to present time, it has been all about scanlation.
The very first project that grabbed people's attention was "The way this boy lives" followed by "Utopia of Homosexuality".
The first big hit was Hot Blooded Woman which overloaded my dedicated server few times. The second big hit was (is) Princess.
While not as hot as those two, Normal City attracted a good amount of attention as well.

Site traffic, however, decreased greatly. It has gone down to 50% of what JanimeS used to get, and majority of visitors tended to only view scanlation and not use the site forum, which resulted quietness over the forum.

After some investigation, I found out that the reason site traffic was decreasing was because of manga sharing sites which was acting as a gateway. Those sites were effectively preventing people to visit JanimeS. Since then I started placing a statement on the end of my scanlation, "Do not upload my projects to other (or manga sharing) sites."

On 13rd September 2009, I've changed my username to Sura from Klisis.

On 18th May 2012, I made a big decision to register surasplace.com.

My first reason was to cut down costs associated with running JanimeS. JanimeS ran on a dedicated server that costs 110USD per month. In addition, all scripts running on the site were commercial with 6 month renewal interval (combined 70USD per 6 month, so about 12 USD per month.). Initial purchase of the scripts licenses were well above 300USD.

Running JanimeS had been costing about 120 USD per month ever since 2005 (give or take 20 USD since situation changed from time to time). Regardless, I felt that the cost was too high.

While back in 2005, JanimeS had the raw traffic to reason with the high monthly cost. However, as of 2012, it receives only 1/4 of its traffic received in 2005. I felt strong urge (and need) to cut down costs.

In the end, I've cut down the operating cost by 40%.

However, not long after relocating to Sura's place, I've discovered that scanlation aggregator sites were apparently earning massive amount of profits over scanlation. Scanlation was never meant to bring any sort of profit to anyone, including the scanlators themselves.

After doing some further researches on the matter, I was utterly disgusted and decided to quit scanlation which meant that I was closing the site effectively since the site relied on scanlation for its source of traffic.

I was also disgusted by how the younger generations was taking scanlation for granted. Nothing about scanlation is granted, alas they do not realize the obvious. All in all, I decided that it was time to walk away.

The site may or may not remain open. I do not know since remaining it open costs me money. I've already let anime-anime.com and janimes.com expire.

What will happen to this site remains to be seen, but closing it entirely all together seem to be a logical option. After all, a site with no source of traffic is as good as dead.

After having a week of break (during which, there was no releases or whatsoever), I decided to work on webtoons which were mostly free and which I had less problem with aggregator sites.


However, in late 2014, I've decided to quit working on webtoon all together progressively. And I've decided to shift the focus of the site to my own novel and occasional reviews of hentai games.

As of year 2015 September, I've taken about 60/40 share in Two Clusters (my novel) and webtoon projects respectively.At the time of this update, Two Clusters has significant amount of pages released. Estimated pages are well over 1.000 pages. I've also decided to learn Blender, a free opensource 3D application, in order to add immersion to my novel.

My journey in learning Blender was a moderate success and I was able to create a fair amount of my own models for Two Clusters. You can see my creations in 3D render room under Two Clusters.

There was an unexpected fruit in this however. It is the reincarnation of JanimeS mascot. Mr. J in 3D.

In early 2016,  I finally decided to turn my attention to indie game making. I was already working on a visual novel but decided to turn to an indie RPG for wider audience. With help of 3D skills I've acquired, I am making a RPG game as of 2016 and have fully stopped scanlating. I do, however, still accept editors and they may choose to work on webtoons of their choice.

My site is now Twoclusters.com instead of Surasplace.com.

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