After having a week of break (during which, there was no releases or whatsoever), I decided to work on webtoons which were mostly free and which I had less problem with aggregator sites.


However, in late 2014, I've decided to quit working on webtoon all together progressively. And I've decided to shift the focus of the site to my own novel and occasional reviews of hentai games.

As of year 2015 September, I've taken about 60/40 share in Two Clusters (my novel) and webtoon projects respectively.At the time of this update, Two Clusters has significant amount of pages released. Estimated pages are well over 1.000 pages. I've also decided to learn Blender, a free opensource 3D application, in order to add immersion to my novel.

My journey in learning Blender was a moderate success and I was able to create a fair amount of my own models for Two Clusters. You can see my creations in 3D render room under Two Clusters.

There was an unexpected fruit in this however. It is the reincarnation of JanimeS mascot. Mr. J in 3D.