However, not long after relocating to Sura's place, I've discovered that scanlation aggregator sites were apparently earning massive amount of profits over scanlation. Scanlation was never meant to bring any sort of profit to anyone, including the scanlators themselves.

After doing some further researches on the matter, I was utterly disgusted and decided to quit scanlation which meant that I was closing the site effectively since the site relied on scanlation for its source of traffic.

I was also disgusted by how the younger generations was taking scanlation for granted. Nothing about scanlation is granted, alas they do not realize the obvious. All in all, I decided that it was time to walk away.

The site may or may not remain open. I do not know since remaining it open costs me money. I've already let anime-anime.com and janimes.com expire.

What will happen to this site remains to be seen, but closing it entirely all together seem to be a logical option. After all, a site with no source of traffic is as good as dead.