On 18th May 2012, I made a big decision to register surasplace.com.

My first reason was to cut down costs associated with running JanimeS. JanimeS ran on a dedicated server that costs 110USD per month. In addition, all scripts running on the site were commercial with 6 month renewal interval (combined 70USD per 6 month, so about 12 USD per month.). Initial purchase of the scripts licenses were well above 300USD.

Running JanimeS had been costing about 120 USD per month ever since 2005 (give or take 20 USD since situation changed from time to time). Regardless, I felt that the cost was too high.

While back in 2005, JanimeS had the raw traffic to reason with the high monthly cost. However, as of 2012, it receives only 1/4 of its traffic received in 2005. I felt strong urge (and need) to cut down costs.

In the end, I've cut down the operating cost by 40%.