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Aspirin by Yeong-Eun Kim.

The most simple way to explain Aspirin is that it is a series of parody done in a sarcastic taste.

The main character is supposed to be Ondal, the fool. Ondal, the fool is a hero in Korean folklore. Hemosu is also a hero in Korean folklore as well, and so is Habaek.

In other words, all crucial characters in this manwha are from Korean folklore. Meanwhile, most of secondary characters are from other places, such as David, Teresa, and Samson.

This manhwa doesn't appear to have a solid plot in its beginning. Ondal is literally abandoned by his king, lord Tangun, to recapture the three demons that lord Tangun happened to let loose.(Tangun is also from Korean folklore.)
It is also worthwhile to note that Hemosu is the 4th demon, the blue dragon, and he is later portrayed to be the most dangerous demon of the four. In the world of Aspirin, there are four great demons that holds the four main element: fire, water, earth, and wind. In original folklore, the four demons are supposed to be good-willed and wise. However, in Aspirin, the four demons are spoiled and rotten, but then every single character in Aspirin is spoiled and rotten.

As said, Ondal's task is to recapture the three demons that Tangun let loose. Of course, Ondal is not remotely capable of accomplishing the task. Therefore, Hemosu accompanies Ondal. Hemosu recruits his old student, David Copperfield who by the way Ondal thinks a gay, to the team. The team also encounters Samson, and she eventually joins the team after destruction of Vatican city. A little later, Mai and Pei join the team. Much later, in volume 3, Adolphe joins the team, and the team becomes complete.

Also as said, this manhwa doesn't appear to have a solid plot. The manhwa features series of rather idiotic parody (which gives readers good laughs) until volume 7 where a solid plot begins to form.

This manhwa has gone to volume 10 and the author has gone inactive since 2009. This project was dropped due to author's inactivity.

Additional Info

  • Status: Author AWOL
  • Translator: Sura
  • Editor: Sura
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