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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 16:55

Prince of Destruction

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This is a 3-volume manhwa (Korean comic) by Eun Young Kang.
"Eun Young Kang" is known (By foreigners) for Yaya and Hissing. This is one of her early works.

This manhwa starts with telling you a legend. The legend involves an ancient alcohol jar. Once in a blue moon, it would release mysterious liquid, and one who consumes (or be poured upon) it will be given "mysterious powers".

The effect of the mysterious liquid is apparently turns people into homosexual and grants monstrous physical strength. Two of the main protagonists in this manhwa were effected by this liquid and they turned into homosexual.

Lee, Uh In is one of the main protagonists who was effected by the jar. The girl, ever since the incident, has liked girls more than guys. Her family runs a temple and the temple protects the jar. In other words, the ancient jar is her family treasure.

Ichiro Yachi is the second main protagonist. As his name indicates, he comes from Japan. Although you cannot notice much from the manhwa itself, the story tells you that his Korean is not so good. He does also speak in Japanese few times in the beginning. He was also effected by the jar and became liking guys.

The last protagonists are actually siblings consisted of two brothers and a related sister who can foresee the future. The two brothers come from China and the sister is living in Korea who will support the brothers. Their task is to take back the ancient jar.

As the plot progresses, the characters develop, and their love relationships develop as well. Their relationship develops in rather strange directions. It's rather complex and kinky in some ways. To add fire in their relationships, it is revealed that whoever were effected by the jar had died unexpectedly for an unknown reason.
The only known way to prevent inevitable death is to drink from the jar again. However, the jar fills itself only after tens of years.

You can probably guess why Ichiro Yachi came to Korea by now. He came to Korea to drink from the jar again, or take it with him and wait until the jar fills again.

Meanwhile, there is a sudden change in Lee Uh In. She suddenly starts to like the elder son of the China brothers, and the guy starts to like her back as well.
Furthermore, Ichiro Yachi falls in love with the younger son of the China brothers.

This is as far as I will tell you.
The plot will end happily with an unexpected twist in the plot.

Additional Info

  • Status: Completed
  • Translator: Sura
  • Editor: Sura
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