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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 16:44

Marichen Chronicle

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Marichen Chronicle is, as its title suggests, a story of Marichen. Marichen is born in a poor farmer's family, and her family doesn't seem to be able to get out of poverty. To make the matter worse, no rain has been given for years. According to Marichen herself, she has been crying herself to sleep in recent years due to harsh conditions of reality.

On a night when Marichen shed her 1000th tear, she is summoned to another world while she was asleep. On her 10th day in a foreign world, she is asked to bring "Peace", "Compassion", and "Eternity" in a dream.
Soon after, she encounters her first companion, Raynopel Waiketh Krakerthrook. And her adventure to seek out the three elements begins.


On 4th of July 2010, I released the last update for Marichen Chronicle and marked the series as completed just as the author claimed so.

If you have read all four volumes, you will probably mumble, "What is this?"

The "ending" of the series was not an ending. It was just an end of a volume. The series was finished in utterly incomplete status.

First of all, nobody gets to know what happens to Marichen. Does she manage to go back to her world ? We don't know. I mean she is the protagonist. What happens to her ? She shows up as a side character (not main) in volume 4.

Secondly, where is the princess? There is absolutely no clue at all. Thus, we don't know. We do get to know that she is wicked though. But then that's not surprising considering her situation in her own time.

Thirdly, Marichen and Raynopel managed to find only one of the three runes the princess initially asked. They might have tracked down the second rune but that's where the series ends.

Fourthly, The Ruslan servants were very poorly covered. Only Geri was covered properly, and then she became more like a main character in volume 3 and 4, pushing Marichen to a corner.

Overall, the series ended so incompletely that it's quite funny. That was one of the most ridiculous endings I've ever seen.
What makes it worse is that Shining was published in Issue magazine just as the author released volume 4. Although there is no proof, it's very hard to deny that she dropped Marichen in order to start Shining. The timing is just so too close to be a coincidence.

Why, I don't know.
One of my assumptions is that Issue magazine wanted a new series to fill a void they had and they probably posted a job offer for everyone to see. The author of Marichen saw it and wanted it.
Or she might have been contacted by Issue magazine for a new series.

That's my assumption.

Concentrating on only one work is good. That is professionalism, but dropping a series that hasn't even reached half of its intended length is something I have to frown about. It might have been alright if the author had actually wrapped up the story. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Oh, well.

Additional Info

  • Status: Completed
  • Translator: Sura
  • Editor: Sura
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