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Do Re Mi Fa Sol Ra Si Do (Solfege)

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Do Re Mi Fa Sol Ra Si Do ( Solfege ) is the title of this Korean manhwa. This manhwa is based on a novel and is in Full Color, not one page is black and white.

The protagonist of this manhwa is a high school girl whose name is Jeong Won Yun. She can be perceived as an ordinary school girl, but she is a little on rough side.

There are two male protagonist.

Eun Gyu Shin, he is the vocal of a band, Do Re Mi Fa Sol Ra Si Do, and is Jeong Won's boyfriend.

Hui Won Kang, he used to be Jeong Won's friend, but their friendship was broken apart when Jeong Won reported hit & run crime which Hui Won's father committed. This resulted Hui Won's family to be completely broken and disbanded, and rightfully so Hui Won hates Jeong Won.

Hui Won Kang, since then, has harassed and abused Jeong Won physically. (Note : There was no sexual harassment involved.) He lured her out for "a birthday party" to beat her up. He strangled her almost to death until she would pass out. He manipulated gangsters to harass her. He did everything in his power to make her life as miserable as possible.
Due to the experience, Jeong Won is a capable fighter.

Jeong Won has a younger brother, and he is aware of what was going on. Thus, he harassed Hui Won in return, but his attempts were not always successful and often backfired on him which was where Jeong Won had to involve herself to rescue her brother.

By middle of volume 2, the first climax for this manhwa is reached, and Hui Won comes to realize that what he has been doing is unreasonable and too cruel. At this point, he loses himself as he loses his target to vent his anger. Not only that he begins to realize that he has feelings for Jeong Won. The only way he could now express himself is through violent methods because that is what he has been doing. He eventually confesses to Jeong Won to "stay by my side".
Of course, Jeong Won is unsure of his true intention. However, she is willing to become his friend again and let go of their dark past, but Hui Won wants more than that.

Hui Won eventually forces to make Jeong Won to be on his side after attempting to commit suicide in front of Jeong Won. She tells him that she will stay by his side, but at the same time, she is Eun Gyu's girlfriend.

By end of volume 2, Eun Gyu has a concert on streets. He sings a song dedicated to Jeong Won, and the song moves her greatly. When the concert is over, Jeong Won tells him that he is wrong to trust her, which is likely her way of saying fare well and goes to Hui Won. Volume 2 ends here.

Unfortunately, the author went completely inactive for years and this project is dropped. Absolutely no chance of author's comeback.

Additional Info

  • Status: Author AWOL
  • Translator: Sura
  • Editor: Sura
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