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Tuesday, 12 September 2017 02:59

Sparkle X Sparkle

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This was a 2009 project. And this was a part of Issue magazine project.

This is a pretty bad one. The only reason I scanlated this was because I had nothing better from Issue magazine.


Sparkle x Sparkle was serialized in Issue magazine from 2008.11 to 2009.12. The manwha was concluded with 3 volumes.

The protagonist of this manwha is a very kinky girl whose name is Han (surname) Beryl (Note: Not pronounced "ber-uhl". It is pronounced be-ryl. It means "star".). She is very short and has very weird tastes in pretty much everything. According to her own words, she opened her eyes to the world when she read her first BL (Boys love) manga when she was a mere elementary schooler.

Ever since then, she has been drawing arts... or something.

She currently majors in German literature, but she is never seen studying her major. Instead, she has been working on her illustrations. It is questionable how she managed to pass her first year.

The manwha begins as Beryl imagines her dream guy and actually sees such a guy. She falls in love right away. It turns out that the guy is in high school. To be exact, he is two years younger than her.

Still, she shows no hesitation and goes to impress him in any way she can.

The name of her dream guy is Kang (surname) Shi-Heak. He has good grades and is quite popular among boys and girls. He lives alone and has a part-time job at a host bar which is forbidden by his Christian high school.

From volume 1 to the end (volume 3), Shi-Heak starts to show interest in Beryl at one point. The manwha fails to portray how. He just starts to like her all of a sudden at one point. His sudden turn of love interest buys jealousy from his girl friend. (Not girlfriend, just a female friend) and eventually jealousy overtakes her and forces her to take a picture of him entering a host bar where he works part time.

Shi-Heak is suspended until further notice. He disappears soon after.

3 years (and 2 months) pass, Beryl's affection toward Shi-Heak has not changed, and they accidentally run into each other in a subway station.

The end.

Additional Info

  • Status: Completed
  • Translator: Sura
  • Editor: Sura
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