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Thursday, 24 August 2017 18:23

Ozanari Dungeon

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A 2006 project. It was on and off project for me for some years until I finally decided to drop it fully in 2010. I dropped at early volume 11.


Ozanari Dungeon by Motoo Koyama.

The main characters of this manga is a group of mercenaries, barbarian Moka, rogue Blueman, and mage Kirinman. The true protagonist of this manga is Moka. True names of Blueman and Kirinman are never mentioned and they are always referred as "Blueman" and "Kirinman" until the end of the series. In fact, many of characters are often referred with their title only.

The series starts off quite badly and typically. Moka and her gang belongs to a dark mercenary guild. Moka, being a barbarian has very high physical strength and , of course, she has no brain. Blueman has dexterity and agility. Finally, Kirinman has intelligence as a mage.
Moka is a strong female warrior who's naive. Despite of her very-revealing suit, she is very innocent and pure as well.
Blueman is a man (or catman) of quick wit and is the smartest one of all three. His past is shown as side stories in much later volumes.
Kirinman has a trademark quality in this manga. It's that he never *ever* speaks a word. But he does point out what he thinks he must during the plots and sometimes casts extremely powerful spell that doesn't appear to be capable by someone like him. In much later volumes, he even casts few forgotten spells.

As mentioned above, the story starts off very badly. A white master seeks to hire some mercenaries, and the guild refuses to help him since he did not have money with him. This is where the dark guild kicks in. The dark guild master sends Moka, Bluman, and Kirinman to aid the white master. This is how everything begins.

The author's drawing dramatically improves after volume 5-ish. This is where the plot becomes much more refined as well. After this point, the manga becomes really enjoyable. It can be considered as a typical adventure story. However, this manga goes a little deeper than that. I admit that early stage of this series is too common and typical. But later part, after volume 10 or so, the plot becomes really profound and deep. Dragons are involved, and nations go at wars. The scale becomes quite large.

This manga is concluded at its 17th volume.

Additional Info

  • Status: Dropped
  • Translator: Sura
  • Editor: Sura
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