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** If you wish to download the project, you have to request a download link by making a comment on appropriate titles. I've chosen to remove all downloads in order to save webhosting space. **

Princess is the longest series I've taken so far. And it is also the longest running project for me.

I started Princess on 2005 May 10th; that should be enough to tell you how long I've been working on it.

Unfortunately, the author has been inactive after completing volume 31 and it's been many years since then. Considering the author's age and all, it's quite safe to assume that Princess will never be completed.

Princess is set in an epic scale in terms of character numbers and plot connections. Also plots progress in generations which means there are no hard-set main characters. Unfortunately, due to author's inactivity, true potential of this manwha will not be realized.

As this is a dropped project, there is absolutely no support for this series, meaning I will no longer fix grammar/spelling mistakes and I will not re-upload volumes even if some pages are missing. What you see here is what you get (which is the motto of this site).

Added on May 1, 2015

Princess is now a webtoon on Daum.

Additional Info

  • Status: Dropped
  • Translator: Sura
  • Editor: Sura
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