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Break age

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This is perhaps an old manga by now. This manga started in 1994 and concluded in 1999 with its 10th volume.

Background of this manga is year of 2007 Japan. A somewhat distance future at the time of creation of this manga, but it is now only past at this time. What you can see in this manga is what the author saw into the future by 13 years.

The plot evolves around an intranet-based online game (D.P. = Danger Planet) which is played V.P. (Virtual Puppet). VP is literally an avatar which a person uses to in the game. However, unlike avatars (characters) from current online games, V.P. is allowed to be modified (modded) if a person has sufficient programming skills.

VP is basically a robot. Throughout the manga, you will get hints that modding VP is a veteran / pro's job, and that regular users will purchase and use pre-made VP models. VP is used in online battles, usually 1 vs 1. Furthermore, players don't play in their homes, and they play the game at designated game centers throughout the world (or in Japan in this case) where players enter an actual cockpit.

The main protagonists of this manga is Kilio Nimura and Sairi Takahara. Kilio uses a heavily modded VP "Crow", and Sairi uses a professionally modded VP "Benkei".
This manga begins as Kilio's VP (Not Crow at this moment) loses to a VP Benkei. Kilio has no idea that the pilot of Benkei is a girl. When he finds out that he lost to a girl, he feels very discouraged. Kilio challenges Saira once again with a bet with her. The bet is that, if he wins, she'd go out with him. Sairi accepts.
Kilio's heavily modded Crow does manage to defeat Benkei. and this is how their relationship begins. The whole plot and protagonists evolve around VP and its gaming maker. It is also later revealed that Sairi is closely related to the game as her deceased elder brother had created "Benkei" and was one of core programmers of the game code.

In its later plot, Kilio's employment path evolves around VP, and his relationship with Sairi gets closer. Eventually, they end up marrying in 10th volume.

This manga clearly shows passing of time by showing you Kilio's shifting interests. In the beginning of the manga, Kilio's interests are modding his VP (Crow) and getting to know Sairi better. His interests shift as he become older when he starts to think about being employed by the game company.

As stated in the beginning, this manga is concluded at its 10th volume.

Additional Info

  • Status: Dropped
  • Translator: Sura
  • Editor: Sura
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