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Sunday, 13 August 2017 17:03

Seol Hui

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This project has been dropped due to Mangafox.

This is a 2008 project which has been going on even now (*as of 2012 May 29th)

So many have sought a way to live forever. It's generally known that longevity is a blessing.

Perhaps, that is true. But what if you become an immortal and are denied of the right to end life for eternity? Watching friends pass on, watching the world change completely before your eyes, and most importantly, getting sick of the whole concept.

Alisa Benders (Seol Hui is her Korean name) is thought to be a step daughter of Joel Benders a billionaire with several heirs. As a step daughter, she has inherited a small share of his fortune when he passes away. Even "a small fortune" is enough for her to live a luxurious life without ever having to work.

She goes to Korea to find her supposedly former lover. In truth, however, she is seeking something else.

A seemingly clueless, easy going, girl on surface, but she is a very calculating, cunning and wise.

Additional Info

  • Status: Completed
  • Translator: Sura
  • Editor: Sura
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