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This project has been dropped upon completion of volume 13.

I felt that the plot has run its course a long time ago and decided to call it quits on volume 13 where I felt that the plot had summed up literally. I realize there are more volumes, but they don't bring in any new to the plot other than just circling around.

Volume 13 sums up the plot nicely. And that's all you are going to get from me.


The triplet & the plot

The eldest one is Shi. The second is Wha. And the youngest one is Mong.

There was a triplet but they were separated when they were still child due to unknown reasons. Some clues about why they had to be separated are given here and there, but nothing gives a solid background on precisely why. The death of triplet's mother seems to have something to do with it.

Shi was sent to America. Wha remained in Korea, and Mong was sent to Japan. Their father went away "to earn money" as the triplet was separated.

Years after, the triplet is in teenage hood. Her father wants to reunite them, and therefore, the triplet finally meets each other again.
Volume 1 begins as the triplet meets each other and starts life anew in Korea. Of course, for Wha, nothing much would change since she remained in Korea.

This is all for this section. The plot can be explained the best by reading the triplet's individual background.


The eldest of the three, she has lead the easiest life.
She was sent to a house of her father's friend in U.S.A. upon the separation. Although she did go through some hardship adapting for new environment, her hardship is practically nothing compared Wha and especially Mong.

She is a genius and has graduated from a university by the time her father reunites the triplet.
Her profession seems to be related to networking. She claims to be a web-cracker (A hacker that does not damage others' websites and online security systems. A cracker may break into others' websites but only leaves a simple note that their security has been broken.)

She is even seen aiding business security for Robin and Phillip's grandfather for apparently a large sum of money. She has saved even more money than her father and is even able to buy a whole building.

Sean appears to be her romantic interest in the beginning, but she later shows an equal, if not greater, interest in a cracker who goes by a nickname of "Angel".

Overall, Shi has had the life the easiest of the three. She favors wearing pants. In the manwha, you will never see her wearing a skirt.


Wha is the second eldest.
She has had some rough life, but it's nothing compared to Mong. Still, Wha's childhood was certainly harsher than Shi's. Upon the separation, she was taken care of by her grandmother. After she passed away, Wha remained in the same house alone but received money from her father's friend. However, the truth was that her father's friend was in fact her father in disguise.
Wha failed to recognize her father when he returned after years. And her father continued to lie about his true identity.

It is hinted heavily that Wha has serious emotional scars due to the way her grandmother passed away and how she thinks her father abandoned her. This left Wha very insecure. She doesn't open her mind very well and is very cold emotionally.

This changes when she meets Robin who eventually becomes her boyfriend, but her insecurity still remains due to Robin's indecisive nature of handling girls. Wha fears of losing Robin who is constantly approached by other girls. Her biggest fear is Robin's childhood friend, Minah who not only returns to Korea from America but returns to the very same school where Wha and Robin attend.
Wha favors wearing skirts, especially miniskirts. In fact, in the manwha, you will likely see Wha wearing some sort of skirt even during childhood.


The youngest one of the three, she has lead the harshest life of the three. In fact, her life seems so harsh to even probably address how harsh her life was in the manwha (Since the rating of the manwha is only 13+).

Upon the separation, she was sent to a house of her father's friend in Japan who passed away only few years after. Since then she was taken in by Ritsuki's family.
It's been hinted that she was sexually assaulted. There is even a cue that she - may - have been raped. She was constantly looked down upon by almost everyone. She was constantly relocating since she was unwanted.

However, despite of her hardship, Mong is the brightest (emotionally) of the three and is the most positive of the three. Mong is very secure compared to Shi and Wha. She is also very emotionally shielded compared to Shi and Wha. Mong has even a positive outlook for life.

However, it is revealed that she is positive to shield her from her own darkness. In other words, Mong had to be positive to survive.

While Shi and Wha's romantic interests are not firm, Mong is. She has Ritsuki. Ritsuki is more than her boyfriend. In fact, Mong and Ritsuki are already married mentally and perhaps they are even past that stage. Mong knows every bits of Ritsuki's habits, secrets, what he favors and what he does not. She can even know his mood by just looking at him.
They are - that - close.

However, it must be noted that because of her close relationship with Ritsuki, it contributed in her hardship because Ritsuki is the only son of a powerful family in Japan. Mong's low birth origin and her low social status resulted her being bullied by Ritsuki's friends as well as those around him.

Mong's dressing code differs from Shi and Wha. Mong favors and accepts anything that is "cute". She is seen wearing skirts and shorts. She would wear anything that'd make her "cute".

The downfall of this manwha

Shiwhamong represents a typical Korean drama where heroines experience endless circles of grief. Especially Wha and Mong experience endless circles of ordeals, and it's often unnecessary and excessive.

Additional Info

  • Status: Dropped
  • Translator: Sura
  • Editor: Sura
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