Satonaka Chie by Megahouse

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This is Satonaka Chie from Persona 4 by Megahouse. This figure is of 1/8 scale and it stands at 21cm due to her pose.

I was waiting for a good deal but its price wasn't coming down. Rather, it was going up, so I decided to bite the bullet. She costs above 100 USD if brand new.

This figure offers a lot of customization options. Her skirt is cast off which reveals her black skin-tight shorts. But she is not a sexy character, so this option is sort of lost. The box also comes with an additional upperbody with summer uniform on. It's also worthwhile to note that you will get two - extremely fragile - persona 4 yellow glasses. Again, they are VERY fragile. Handle with extreme care because, even losing one pair, will devalue your resale value by a lot.

While, the painting is mostly fault-less, the figure as whole has a potentially serious issue: Weight balance. As you can see above, the figure is leaning sideways. This is normally not an issue - when a figure is standing on two feet -. This figure does not and the whole figure dangles which, over time, will probably weaken and break the joint between her feet and the stand.

The dangling issue is pretty noticeable with the default upperbody. The dangling reduces significantly with the secondary, summer uniform, upperbody because her arm is not stretching out. I strongly suggest you to use the secondary upperbody to prolong the integrity of joints.

Overall, this is an excellent figure that's getting rarer by months. Just heed my advice on the dangling issue.
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