How to read webtoons

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I have a lot of projects because I've been doing this since year 2002. As I write this (March 16, 2016), I have 43 "legacy" scanlations, 50 one shots, and 33 webtoons.

Due to the amount, it isn't easy to find what you are looking for. You can hit projects section and go from there or you can use "project search" field on top right if you know what you are looking for exactly.

One thing to note before using search is that I always, always, use translated titles. A prime example is "Hannune Banhada" which directly translates to "Love at first sight". I was the one who started that scanlation and I started with "Love at first sight" title. But someone at some place decided "Hannune Banhada" was better and I see most people searching by that awkward title instead.

1. Legacy projects are "scanlations" which I purchased the books, tore them apart to scan, and did the edits & translation. There is maybe one exception where I took someone else's raw in Prince of Destruction. I don't work on them anymore.
2. One shots are from magazines where I purchased and tore them apart to scan. I may work on them if I find some.
3. Webtoons are what I work on now due to their free nature.
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