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cocoyam created the topic: Inio Asano
These days, I mostly just read josei manga that is put out by my favorite scanlation group (Stiletto Heels Team). But today I finally picked up a slice-of-life manga that I had come across a couple times but never been piqued enough to open, "solanin" by Inio Asano.

As I was reading it I got the inkling that the author must have also done Oyasumi Punpun and other seinen works that I have read based on the feeling it gave me. I read Oyasumi Punpun during a very dark and depressed period of my life and I could entirely relate to its gritty, twisted portrayal of reality and life. How twistedly true it seemed to what people experience when they are at the bottom of a pit. I thought the author himself must be a crazily depressed individual.
I probably cried multiple times nearly each chapter and I had to put it down when I was nearing the end of the current releases because I could not take how close to home it hit for me. It reminded me so much of my circumstances at that time, it physically hurt too much to continue, despite thinking that it was the greatest and most poignant masterpiece I had ever read.

Solanin is lighter. I usually have a hard time picking up slice-of-life works due to the pacing, hence why it took me so long to finally decide to read it, but by this time I finally felt I could relate to the plot synopsis as someone who is about to enter her last year in college and face similar issues ;^; It deals with some 20 year olds who have to face becoming adults and and the monotonous identity-eroding situation of entering the anonymous workforce of Japan. At times the characters are actually cute or funny, and there is an uplifting conclusion. All the same, certain crafted moments were really poignant understated revelations, although I cannot describe them as they would be spoilers. For me, I thought of them like layers: there are a few flashbacks or symbolic events in the two volumes and they reveal new understandings that weave into the larger story. And some of those moments really touched me.

Well, anyway, I just wanted to mention because as far as the "bleeding passion" that Sura has mentioned goes (her criterion for the works that she wants to scanlate), these works are the closest I have come across to that for myself. (I probably have mentioned Oyasumi Punpun many times to her furtively in hopes of hearing her feedback if she had read it, but never manage to follow up to see if she had a reaction.) So I was curious to hear if any of you have read works by this author? What thoughts you might have about them, if you have?

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