My take on Log Horizon and Space Brothers

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Anime is no longer my favorite. I do check new releases but not many actually catch my attention. These days I feel anime focuses too much on boobs and mini skirts as well as surreally high pitched voice for female characters.
I stopped focusing it because I felt I outgrew what anime can offer.
In my eyes, anime is too limited. It’s limited because it’s been hand-picked by production companies for better profit. Picking anything that’s too new risk huge money for those companies, so it’s understandable.

Still from time to time, there have been decent anime, and recently I’ve come across two decent amime.
One is Log Horizon and the other is Space brothers. I enjoyed those two very much.

I will begin with Log Horizon.

Before I begin with Log Horizon, I like to mention that I did watch Sword Art online when it came out and I was disappointed in it. It was … just so typical. The anime was hyped a lot. Pretty much everything about Sword art online was typical.

Log Horizon has a similar background. Players get stuck in an MMORPG but it begins very differently. While Sword art online starts with a big giant villain, Log Horizon begins with no conspiracy. The players’ first priority was getting used to their new world.

Log Horizon as a whole is more like a colonization story. Getting to know their new world, finding new frontiers such as discovering how to make food that actually has tastes. And it does it very tastefully.
When Sword art online was focusing on a lone hero-type MC who gets ridiculously powerful later on (with a cute female sidekick later on), Log Horizon was focusing on its array of likable characters who were simply trying to live in their new world – in their own ways -.

Not every battle should be about swords. Merchants fight with money. Scholars fight with pens. Chefs fight with fire. Politicians fight with words. Everyone fights in their own ways in Log Horizon.

I really liked how a simple discovery led to such big events in Log Horizon. I am talking about the discovery of cooking. It was an utterly brilliant concept, yet so simple to understand. Players would never think about cooking the way we do in reality. They’d just gather the ingredients and press a button and there.

Such a simple discovery led to much bigger, world changing, events. Just like how discovery of fire for mankind changed the whole history.

An aspect I deeply liked about Log Horizon was that the players showed little desire to get back to their own world. Instead, they were trying to blend into the new world under a new ruleset.
As I mentioned before, it felt more like a colonization story instead of what SAO (Sword Art Online) did for its story.

Space Brothers

Well, I, for one, enjoyed it throughout. We have a middle-age man as MC here and you know it does not happen often. It should happen more often but it does not. And this anime focuses on neither boobs nor skirts.

It focuses on achievable dreams. The “achievable” part may be questionable but I consider it as “achievable” for Nanba Mutta.
This anime is basically a slice of life story. Therefore, it has no villains and no evil beings so to speak. The obstacles in this anime aren’t created by someone who holds grudges against MC. The obstacles are as genuine as they can get.

I generally enjoy slice of life stories which is why I rate Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko the best manga I’ve ever read. Slice of life stories are hard to draw because it does not have the usual elements (AKA villains, goals, enemies, and so on) to push the story forward. But when done correctly, slice of life stories shine exquisitely.

And Space Brothers shines exquisitely.

We have two brothers both aiming to set their feet on Moon. MC’s younger brother does it in middle of the story and the story ends before the older brother makes it happen but the way things are set by the end of the anime, he will be stepping on his feet on Moon in near future although the ultimate goal appears to be the two brothers setting their feet on Moon at the same time which is extremely (understatement) hard to make it happen.

So, there, two of my relatively recent anime I’ve watched and enjoyed. I actually watched these two a while back. I just didn’t feel like writing a long article about it, until now I guess.
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Yay, a fellow Log Horizon fans. Just like you sura, i prefer anime with stories. I admitted when i suggest it to my friend to watch many of them think it have a slow pace. So many of them that simply don't have patient drop it. But it hard to describe Log horizon without spoil the stories. Anyway Log horizon season 2 will be aired this winter (っ´▽`)っ. And i also want to recommend these anime: Silver spoon (gin no sanji) and barakamon. Those anime are great and of course not focused on fanservice. Dont give up on anime Sura. There is a lot good anime out there that count on good stories rather than fanservice. Thakyou Sura san. Here have some cat ฅ'ω'ฅ
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3 years 7 months ago #8045 by shadowik
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my my ('ω') !! it seems fun the way Sura discribed it ^ω^.. I think I will watch'em when I have enough time 'ω^

about most of the recent animes, these days ,as Sura said, are focusing on unnecessery stuff like skirts and so ~ω~"

however, there are some animes that are really awesome :3
so don't lose hope Sura ^.^

thanks a lot

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3 years 7 months ago #8048 by Sven
Sven replied the topic: My take on Log Horizon and Space Brothers
I just started watching Log Horizon and I'm enjoying it so far. The main reason why i wasn't a fan of SAO was because it didn't feel like i was watching an anime about MMORPGs. I have played many different kinds of MMOs in the past and I'm currently still playing one with my friends so i know what these games should feel like and SAO captured none of those feelings. It felt like they were just throwing around fancy words but had no idea what they really meant. On the other hand Log Horizon has already captured these feelings in the first couple of episodes and i cant wait to see happens next (Im still loving the fact that the holy trinity is this anime). I even spent time out side of watching this anime to just look up what the classes are and what they can do just like i would have for any other MMO out there.

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