Impeachment of the 11st President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye

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1. Who is Park Geun-hye? Her background

First of all, Park Geun-hye is the daughter of Park Chung-hee who was the 3rd President of South Korea. Her father was a dictator who won the presidency through a coup and he was later assassinated. His regime lasted from 1963 to 1979, roughly 16 years.

Despite of that, the 3rd President is often credited for laying the ground work for rapid development of South Korea in 80s. He pushed the country hard for development at expanse of lives. This ultimately gave the ground work for Park Geun-hye to eventually become elected as 11st president in the future.

The 3rd President had two marriages. Park Geun-hye was born from his second wife. Her mother was assassinated on year 1974.

All in all, she has an elder half sister, a younger sister, and a younger brother. She is known to have cut ties to them completely.

2. Her road to the presidency

She was born in 1952 and was very active in politics in her 50s starting year 2000 and eventually became the chairwoman of her political party twice before finally running for the presidency.

However, it's worthwhile to note that she spent the prime of her life at the heart of South Korea's politics during her father's ill-fated presidency and acted as the first lady of South Korea after her mother was assassinated.

Although her father was assassinated, tens of years later he was credited for pushing hard on building infrastructure. Add her mother's assassination and hardships that followed her afterwards in which she chose to remain single for her entire life, sympathy had a huge part in her become elected as the 11st president.

3. Signs of trouble
South Korea is a small country. But it is also a very high digialized nation. The media tries to catch every single mistake any famous people make and make big deals out of them.

Still, she was the first president who was being picked on by the media on almost everything she did. It is debated but her being a woman had a part in the media bias.

The first real sign of trouble started with her close friend of 40 years-relationship with a woman named Choi Soon-sil. It was well known that the two women were close.

But wait. Before I go on, this woman, Choi Soon-sil, isn't an ordinary person, either.
Mrs. Choi is a daughter of Choi Tae-Min who was the founder of the fake religious cult known as "Yongsae".
This fake cult has a very long history on its own. But I will make it simple for you. This fake cult brainwashed people to donate their savings to him and the guy used their money to buy things he wanted.
Here is another. He was known to be the mentor of 11st President Park.

At one point in later part of Park's presidency, a newspaper company picked on loose traces of Choi Soon-sil's misdeeds mostly in shady money. Other media outlets started to pick up on this and private investigations started, revealing what I could only describe as a big can of worms.

I will list the most damaging issues.

a. It became known that President Park consulted Choi Soon-sil on national matters. What was worse; Mrs. Choi allegedly made national decisions for her.

b. On behalf of President Park, Mrs. Choi was working on money laundering scheme by using Park's political connecitons. The amount invovled is hundreds of millions.
President Park firmly denied being involved.

c. Once full investigation went on, more and more shady deals were revealed and it even involved Samsung chairman. Additionally, Mrs. Choi's daughter was found to have been admitted a prestious woman's university fraudulently.
Furthermore, Mrs. Choi's daughter was found to be extremely, unbelieveably, spoiled. She fled to Denmark but was later taken back to Korea by force.

4. Road to impeachment

Media outlets went berserk and so did some of citizens, protesting day and night non-stop. Tens of thousands protested for months and demanded her to step down.

She did not. She firmly stood and denied that she was involved. During December of 2016, formal impeachment case started and she temporarily lost powers as a president.

And finally during early March of 2017, the court ruled her guilty, cementing her impeachment. It's worthwhile to note that the protestors continued to protest during these months.

Everyone involved in the scheme was arrested, including Mrs. Choi and her daughter. And impeached President Park was arrested in late March. She is expected to serve 10 ~ 15 years.

Considering her past as well as present, house arrest was briefly considered but was thrown out in the end.

5. Food for thoughts

No South Korean president is clean. Every single one has a history of shady dealings during presidencies in order to live comfortably post presidency.

What is different on Park's case is that her network wasn't big enough. Reling on Mrs. Choi only was the mistake. Other presidents had set up their networks complex enough and planted dummies; they'd go jail instead. Serve the time and his family would be looked after for life. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

In contrast, Park's network was too thin. This was probably because she was a woman. Korean politics is mostly men's world. A woman can't establish deep and extensive connections.

Finally, the media was unusually harsh on her during her presidency. I felt the media was bullying her.
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