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Persona 4 Marie

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This is Marie from Persona 4 Golden. This is the only Marie figure you are going to find.

The quality of this figure is decent but this isn't a high quality figure. The thing is though that this figure looks pretty amazing from a distance. However, once you get a closer look, you will find plenty of painting faults. Another thing is that nothing is connected. Her hat, the TVs, the bag, they are all sitting on top of each other which is fine normally but her hat does seem to fall off with slight vibration.

 For the price, and for it being a prize figure, overall this is a decent figure.






Additional Info

  • Maker: Saga
  • Height (cm): 14
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  • Guest - kronkkrop

    about 2 weeks ago

    What are you talking about "this isn't a high quality figure." I think it looks great.

    I guess I'm not able to join the forums though QQ.

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  • Sura

    Guest - kronkkrop about 2 weeks ago

    All new accounts go through moderation due to high number of spams. Having said that your account has been activated.
    Yes, it does look great, but it has plenty of painting faults and lacks shading. The faults are minor but high quality figures don't have such.

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