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Gintama Gintoki Sweet tooth

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This figure is called "Gintoki Sweet tooth ver". Banpresto has made it and it's only medium quality but, by far, this is my most favorite Gintoki figure.

Good news is that this figure is 1/8 scale at 23cm. What that means is that this figure sits well with rest of Megahouse Gintama figures.



 This is a lottery figure and its quality is really mediocre at best. My two biggest complaints on the figure are pictured as below.




The first one shows large seam that wasn't smoothed down and there is also slight color difference. This is actually a pretty big fault. But this is priced at around 25 USD on Ebay or Amazon. This lower quality is expected.

Look at his belt area on the second figure. Painting job is crude and another large seam that wasn't smoothed off. The whole belt area is let-off actually.



However, overall, I really do like this figure. This is the Gintoki you will see most of time during manga and anime, slacking off with strawberry milk & a stick of dango.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Banpresto
  • Height (cm): 23
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