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Duram Sherif

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NSFW (Not safe for work) warning to viewers. If you are at work or with someone who won't like you viewing adult material, click away to another place now.


This figure is Iron Princess: Duram Sherif by Embrace Japan. Embrace Japan opened in 2010 and this was one of their first figures and one of very few cast-off capable figures that look perfectly innocent on surface. Additionally, this is an original character, meaning this figure is not from any anime, manga, or game. This figure is an original design by Embrace Japan

With that out of the way, let me begin the review.

The figure is very high quality. The quality is on par with Megahouse which is high-end. But perhaps due to being one of their first products, this figure has some serious flaws that are as bad as those found on my Queen's blade Echidna review.

Good news is that the figure's balance is good (obviously) and it won't fall over. But the figure does not completely secure itself to the base which is a non-issue due to the figure's pose. As I mentioned just a moment ago, this figure is cast-off capable. I will cover that part a little later.



The chain from her weapon is actually metal which is a nice bonus. They could have made it with plastic. The base is plastic but highly detailed and feels solid unlike those light bases. The fog can be removed by the by.

The painting job is almost perfect and shading is professional. As I mentioned earlier, this figure is of Megahouse figure quality if not better than them.

I feel it's important to note that her hair looks quite different in reality when compared to product photos found on Embrace Japan's website. She is blond and the texture of hair seems different (worse) but overall, I don't see it being a huge issue because the figure looks overall stunning.


NSFW (Not safe for work) warning.



Alright, here is her naked. This is where we run into (big) problems. She has a ton of small parts that are not secured well at all. Putting them back together is a MAJOR pain in butt and they can literally fall off if handled wrongly.

However, I must note that this figure is one of very few that goes completely nude. Not many cast-off figure lets you take off panties. At the same time, her panties is secured by a single tiny needle-size joint and, on its own, it doesn't hold itself together. Only when her dress is put on, her underwear is secured.



Another major issue is that the small parts leave paint stains (look at her arms above). Her dress leaves very bad and big strains on her skin as well.

Now, if you plan to leave her fully clothed, this is not an issue. But if you plan to leave her naked, I strongly suggest you never assemble her clothes. The box comes with her completely naked by the by.




You should be able to see dark paint stains all over her thighs. It came from her dress. I tried to clean it off with soap and warm water but that did not work. I am going to leave her clothed, so this won't be an issue. But, like I said above, if you want to leave her naked, never put her clothes and parts on.

Putting all parts back can be pain and you could break its needle-size joints. Therefore, I do not recommend anyone repeating clothing/unclothing her often. Basically, you need to decide which mode you want her. Either leave her clothes or naked. Don't expect to do both because, sooner or later, you will break parts and joints will wear out.




Leaving her naked won't be a bad option since her body has no visible seam. Even her private part has details which means this figure exceeds quality of Queen's blade Echidna. But Queen's blade Echidna has paper thin transparent coating on interior of her cast-off jacket which prevents paint strains. They should have implemented that. Additionally, Echidna's skin is glossy which further prevents stains.

Finally, the figure having many parts means you could optionally take them off. The high quality of this figure means, even if you do not install the parts, the figure will still look good.



Above is an alternative way of dressing her. She has just her dress, frail, and her small shield. Everything else was removed and she still looks perfectly fine.

While this figure has a lot of flaws, quality isn't one. The figure oozes quality. Embrace Japan knew what they were doing. They simply lacked additional know-how.

Thanks for reading this review.

Additional Info

  • Maker: Embrace Japan
  • Height (cm): 21
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