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Gintama Half-age characters: Tama

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Tama from Gintama isn't probably a character you are going to like from the start. But she will probably grow on you in later episodes.

FYI, she is a robot and, in the beginning, her human-emotion firmware is lacking at the best. As she goes through a lot of weird stuff (some of which is rather sexual) with Gintoki, she starts to grow as a person as well as a woman.

Her scant appearance on air means less popularity which ultimately means nobody has produced 1/8 or even 1/10 scale model for her. All we have is two trading figures for her. The first one is "half-age" version of Tama. The other is a chibi version. I prefer this half-age version over the chibi version due to proper body proportions. The chibi version has a huge head and a tiny body.

For a trading figure, its quality is decent but I wouldn't call it good. Painting quality just isn't there, but with little choices out there, if you want a Tama figure, this is probably the one to get.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Bandai
  • Height (cm): 10
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