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Gintama Kondo Isao by Banpresto

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This is Kondo Isao from Gintama. This is the ONLY Kondo figure you are going to find unless you go for chibi versions.

While he may look cool as far as the figure is concerned, if you know his history, it's quite hard to find him cool. Pooping in his pants doesn't help his image certainly.


As you can see, Banpresto figures are best displayed together with other Banpresto figures due to scaling. But the downside of Banpresto figures are that they aren't exactly super high quality. From a distance, they look fine. However, upon a closer inspection, you can find plenty of faults, mostly painting being inconsistent and lines being off.

But then, as I said, this is the only Kondo figure you are going to find.


Additional Info

  • Maker: Banpresto
  • Height (cm): 18.5
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