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Gintama Gintoki Megahouse ver

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This is Sakata Gintoki made by Megahouse. This is a clearly superior version to Banpresto versions. I was able to snag this at only 25USD off Ebay. A seller wanted to get rid of it badly. It was new as well. The normal going price for this is 70 ~ 110 USD on Ebay which is about 2 ~ 3 times more than Banpresto versions.

While this is clearly superior version, this is not my favorite. One of reasons for me to dislike it is the boots. It may be hard to tell from the photos, but his boots/feet are huge.

I notice this because this figure is displayed along with other figures of the same scale (1/8) and I find his boots too large compared to others. Other than that, the figure is almost perfect. The face sculpting is vastly superior.

The box also comes with a large fork for him to hold instead of the wooden katana.




Additional Info

  • Maker: Megahouse
  • Height (cm): 21
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