Thursday, 15 March 2018 00:18

God Eater Lindow Amamiya


This figure is Lindow Amamiya from God Eater. This figure is, so far as of March 14 2018, my most expensive acquisition. He cost me 176USD. And it's not just the price that amuses me. The sheer size of the figure amuses me both positively and negatively.

Before making the review, I'd like to mention that the cigarette is not a part of the figure. The cigarette comes from Gintama Hijikata figure. The box comes with 2 cigarettes and I decided to use one on him since, after all, Lindow is a heavy smoker. I am not sure why they didn't include it.



This figure is ... impressive. It is of 1/8 scale and the figure's height is 23cm. Additionally his God arc is 30cm. When both are combined, the whole setup takes up a considerable amount of space. The figure quality is very high with no clear faults I can see. However, his head appears to be a little small compared to his massive body. You won't notice it too much however.

Like Julius' God arc, Lindow's God arc is also dangerously sharp. Handle the blade part with caution.

The box also provides accessories to be able to display Lindow's God arc only. I don't see a point in that however.

Do I recommend this figure? Well, it IS impressive but I feel the price tag is a bit steep. If you are collecting God Eater figures, I am afraid you don't have a choice and Lindow is a must-get for God Eater collection.









Friday, 09 March 2018 04:10

Takasugi Shinsuke by Megahouse


This is Takasugi Shinsuke from Gintama. Shinsuke is a curious figure. He starts off as a villain but later turns out to be an ally. Perhaps, for me at least, a more interesting aspect is that his cool personality and his voice actor go really well. I think it's even safe to say that his voice actor makes Shinsuke's character.

What's really more interesting is that ... you can take an upskirt shot on this figure. Yes, on a male figure. Well, look below.



Shinsuke is the only male figure (I've had so far anyway) that has such ... a feature. Interestingly, looking upskirt has become a habit of mine when it comes to inspecting figures. Why do I do that? Why not? Upskirt shots are not generally covered well in figure reviews I've read, and liking attention to detail is another excuse one can use to justify upskirt views.

Overall, this is a high quality figure. The price is cheaper than other Gintama figures as well due to his lower popularity. His smoke pipe can be take off. Actually, you might lose it if you are not careful. His black coat can also be taken off. So can his wooden katana.





Thursday, 08 March 2018 04:51

Queen's blade Erina by Megahouse


I present you with NSFW tag. This is Erina from Queen's blade and she can fully be naked, so read this alone.

With that out of the way, allow me to review this figure.

I will say this much: I can't find faults on this figure. However, this figure ... isn't exactly exceptional. First of all, for a Megahouse figure, it lacks sophisticated shading. Secondly, her pose isn't exactly ideal.

Having said that, however, this figure is fully cast off and she can fully be naked. On the other hand, she lacks any detail on her private part. At the same time, I've come to understand that Megahouse does not put any details on female's genitalia.

Another aspect I fail to understand is inclusion of sausage. I don't quite get the meaning of it. Additionally, her spear is supposed to go between her fingers but I couldn't make it stable that way. In the end, I had to let it hang above her wrist.

Finally, the box lacks a manual to undress her and it wasn't easy to undress her without proper instructions. Having experienced how fragile a figure prop can be, I had to be extremely careful when I was undressing her. In the end, I was able to undress her, but I wouldn't do it often. It's going to break apart.

If you really want a hentai figure, I strongly suggest that you buy figures from Orchid Seed. They are specialized in hentai figures.









Thursday, 08 March 2018 03:12

God Eater Julius Visconti


This is Julius Visconti from God Eater 2, and this is my first figure from Phat company. This is also my first God Eater figure.

I've always been a fan of God Eater 1. Liked God Eater 2 less but still found it okay. God Eater anime was so-so.

I've shied from collecting God Eater figures for a single reason: Their Godforshakenly large weapon which makes figures unnecessarily large. But Julius' weapon is "normal" size and it was on sale, so I decided to go for him.


The quality of the figure is high. I do see some faults and his hair is a little weird but overall this figure is of exceptional quality. It does come with an extra arm for a slightly different pose.

I think it's important to let you know that his God arc is razor-sharp. Don't let a kid play with it.

Overall, it's a handsome figure and I am pleased to have acquired him. Decent male figures are hard to come by and, in a series where it features sea of fine female figures, a male figure is even harder to come by. In such cases, male figures are generally ignored and are not produced at all. I am glad that Phat decided to make him.







Sunday, 04 March 2018 01:23

Gintama Kagura 2 years later


This is Kagura from Gintama 2 years later version.

I have ... a fair bit to say about this figure.Before going into that, allow me to show you the original drawing of what inspired this figure.

First of all, the figure quality itself is alright, but her face seems to be (way) off. Her face seems too mellow. Her expression was supposed to be sharper.

Secondly, her breast size has been way too exaggerated. These two alone are perhaps enough to make you stay away from this figure.

Aside from those two issues, there are more.

This figure is cast off. Her lower part of clothes can be taken off. That itself is fine. But it's not easy to take it off and, for me, I managed to make a deep scratch right above her navel while attempting to do so. To make it worse, its red paint got into the scratch and it has been not possible to erase it. Residue of the red paint is also left on her butt as well. Megahouse should have paid more attention on the interior of her skirt-like clothing. They certainly have the experience to prevent these unfortunate events. They make adult figures after all.

Her umbrella is not as high quality as before in addition.

Overall, I don't feel this figure is worth the original price (10,000yen). If you can get it at a bargain, perhaps.

Anyhow, look below for more photos.







Saturday, 03 March 2018 14:13

Tales of Vesperia Raven by Alter


Alter figures have been excellent to me and this one is no exception.

This is Raven from Tales of Vesperia. This is 1/8 figure and is very high quality. The colors, shading, custom base and the chibi figure, I'd rate this figure 9 out of 10. Raven as a character he was a very likable figure. Granted, he had a dark past but who didn't? He was erratic and comical. Alongside Rita, he was my favorite character. However, in general, I like all characters in Tales of Vesperia. They were all likable which can't be said for recent Tales games.

I think it's worthwhile to note that the base is not hollow. It's a solid chunk of plastic and is heavy which gives a really firm footing for the figure to sit on. His dagger and bow are props and can be taken off. Do note that the bow is fragile and takes up a lot more space. The bow string is actually a metal wire.

It also comes with another head of his other self. For me, I favor the default head far more.

It's really hard to find a fault on the figure itself. I do, however, have slight concerns on the bow. It is fragile and you have to dismantle it to equip on Raven. I figure the bow joints will break off if you equip/unequip often.

Other than that, I really don't have any complaints on this figure. The chibi figure is lovely as well.







Saturday, 03 March 2018 13:43

Narukami Yuu, Persona 4 Megahouse


This is Narukami Yuu from Persona 4. This is by Megahouse and is a high quality. You can compared this with my review of Narukami Yuu, Persona 4 Sunny side up.

Both are 1/8 scale but this one costs nearly 80USD while the other costs 15USD. The quality difference comes in from shading, better quality sculpture, and less painting faults. However, this figure isn't without issues. The box comes with a tiny Persona card which is supposed to go on top of his hand, but it hangs on just and I advice you not to use the prop. You will lose it eventually.

It also comes with the signature glasses (only one pair) which is extremely fragile. You might break it while just trying to put it on. Overall, I don't recommend using the props.

The shading is far superior compared to Sunny side up counterpart. The base takes less space as well. I do feel the pose isn't better than the Sunny side up product however.

Overall, this is a decent figure.




Monday, 05 February 2018 14:55

Persona 4 Marie


This is Marie from Persona 4 Golden. This is the only Marie figure you are going to find.

The quality of this figure is decent but this isn't a high quality figure. The thing is though that this figure looks pretty amazing from a distance. However, once you get a closer look, you will find plenty of painting faults. Another thing is that nothing is connected. Her hat, the TVs, the bag, they are all sitting on top of each other which is fine normally but her hat does seem to fall off with slight vibration.

 For the price, and for it being a prize figure, overall this is a decent figure.






Tuesday, 30 January 2018 23:28

Tales of Vesperia Yuri Lowell by Alter


I wasn't originally going to complete Vesperia figures by Alter. There were two primary reasons. One was that the figure price was high and they were getting rare. Second was that Alter did not produce all character figures.

However, after obtaining Alter's Estelle and Rita, I decided to go for it.

This is Yuri Lowell by Alter and is of 1/8 scale. Tales of Vesperia is one of two Tales games I actually like and have been a fan of it for many years. The other Tales game I like is Tales of Berseria.


Perhaps, the gem of this figure is the chibi figure. They are really well done and perhaps too cute. Collecting these chibi figures might be more enticing than collecting the figures themselves.

The quality of the figure is outstanding. Even the base is custom and suits well. Perhaps the only downside is the sword sheath which is very loosely attached to the figure. It WILL fall off upon the slightest contact. But it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

His blade can be taken off but it cannot go into the sword sheath.


Saturday, 16 December 2017 05:01

Satonaka Chie by Megahouse


This is Satonaka Chie from Persona 4 by Megahouse. This figure is of 1/8 scale and it stands at 21cm due to her pose.

I was waiting for a good deal but its price wasn't coming down. Rather, it was going up, so I decided to bite the bullet. She costs above 100 USD if brand new.




This figure offers a lot of customization options. Her skirt is cast off which reveals her black skin-tight shorts. But she is not a sexy character, so this option is sort of lost. The box also comes with an additional upperbody with summer uniform on. It's also worthwhile to note that you will get two - extremely fragile - persona 4 yellow glasses. Again, they are VERY fragile. Handle with extreme care because, even losing one pair, will devalue your resale value by a lot.







While, the painting is mostly fault-less, the figure as whole has a potentially serious issue: Weight balance. As you can see above, the figure is leaning sideways. This is normally not an issue - when a figure is standing on two feet -. This figure does not and the whole figure dangles which, over time, will probably weaken and break the joint between her feet and the stand.

The dangling issue is pretty noticeable with the default upperbody. The dangling reduces significantly with the secondary, summer uniform, upperbody because her arm is not stretching out. I strongly suggest you to use the secondary upperbody to prolong the integrity of joints.

Overall, this is an excellent figure that's getting rarer by months. Just heed my advice on the dangling issue.

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