Japanese (Manga)


Problems with anime industry

Note: This was originally included in my Nana review. But I noticed that it got really long and deep, so I’ve decided to make it a separate entity.

Korea’s fuckedup education system

If you are a long time visitor, you may have seen me mention this from time to time. Allow me to dig in deep on the issue.

In/Extrovert & Covid

Cvoid and subsequent lockdowns have brought something interesting to chew on. It is survivability of Extrovert and Introvert.

Why manga authors struggle

The same can be said for manwha authors and animators to an extend as well. A simplified answer is: Supply & demand. Of course, when you get into the details, the answer is not so simple.

Fake fans

I’ve had this thought for some decades. But I haven’t said out loudly. So, let’s say that Mike really loves anime A. He, living overseas, torrents the series and watches it. He loves it so much […]

Korean (Manwha)