Why are people afraid of spoilers?

I ask that question occasionally when I see some people freak out that they are just told “spoilers”.

People nowadays freak out a lot. They seem to freak out way more than I think they should. It is probably not helpful that I am getting that impression from social media outlets which I think is the cesspool of humanity.

When I am told spoilers, I am content because I don’t care, because I can generally predict likely outcomes. To me, outcomes don’t matter, the progress is.

For an example, here is a spoiler for you; you are going to die. I cannot tell you how or when but you will die. That is the final outcome of any organic beings, including you. That is technically a spoiler: death.

Does that spoiler ruin your whole life for you? A simple truth that you will die eventually? It’s the progress that matters, at least in this case. There are cases where outcomes matters more than progress such as a revolution, but I am not talking about those.

We are talking about minor spoilers in entertainment we enjoy. It’s hardly anything of importance in the grand scheme of things. So, why get worked up when spoiled?

A spoiler of an anime series? Like a character A dies in a certain episode? In such a case, which one matters more? The outcome that he will die or the progress of how he dies? Say that you’ve been spoiled that you know he will die. Does that ruin the fun and excitement you may find watching the series?

I certainly will see the character in a different perspective. Knowing that he will die, I may pay more attention to the character, paying more attention to his body language and see whether the creators behind the series give out subtle clues and whatnot.
This is something I would have done either way on my 2nd watch. Yes, I generally watch at least twice, usually more if it falls into my favorite.

Spoilers don’t generally ruin fun for me. If anything, it helps to dissect a series. I don’t go out my ways to expose myself to spoilers but I don’t freak out when I am told such. In the end, it is what it is. It’s hardly anything of any significant importance.

Actually, I lied. At one point of my life, I did go after spoilers. I think it was the era where Korea banned anything Japanese. Manga books were really hard to get in Korea, and those who were after such books went out of their ways to get spoiled because availability wasn’t a guaranteed thing. I may never get my hands on the books. If so, I may as well get spoiled.

Looking at that example, I am starting to feel that it’s all circumstances.
Nowadays, it is virtually guaranteed that you can watch something you like. You can use VPN to bypass a block or can even torrent.
In my youth, there was no internet. Choices were scant. There was a legitimate concern that I may never get my hands on a series until years & years later. Under such circumstances, I welcomed and craved for spoilers.

It’s all down to circumstances.

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