In/Extrovert & Covid

Cvoid and subsequent lockdowns have brought something interesting to chew on.

It is survivability of Extrovert and Introvert.

For introverts, lockdown has had very little, if any, effects. I mean, it is business as usual for them. People often urge them to go out more. Well, used to.

For extroverts, however, lockdown has been literal hell. I’ve seen news reports of party animals committing suicide because they weren’t allowed to go out to night clubs and party. Granted, those are extreme cases and they cannot be taken as the norm.
But the issue is there. Extroverts and isolation does not bode well.

Now, let’s talk about the future. Let’s talk about space age.

Space age will come. It is not a matter of “if” but “when”.

And living in space will mean isolation to some degree. Space travel will mean isolation for months if not years.
Space inhabitation will also require some degree of isolation unless we go so far into the future.

What I think will happen is that, in the future – something like year 3000s, we will likely see two groups of people. Introverts living in the space due to being able to perform their jobs in isolation while extroverts living predominantly on planets.

None of us will live long enough to see such a trend emerge, but it’s interesting food for thoughts nevertheless. It is also something I’ve repeatedly covered in my novel as well since its background year is 9600+.

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