[Manwha] Love at first sight season 1 [2006]

AKA “Hannune Banhada” which is basically how the original Korean title (한눈에 반하다) sounds in English.

I am going to review season 1 and season 2 separately because trying to bundle the two seasons together is going to be a trainwreck partially because the two seasons are pretty much entirely different from one another.

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[Manga] Break-Age [1994]

Break-Age was mentioned in my Yureka review. Therefore, I’ve decided to cover it.

Now, this is a manga. Yureka is a manwha. Manga is Japanse. Manwha is Korean. For Westerners and outsiders, this small distinction may not matter much. I mean both are a word for comic after all. However, calling manga manwha and vice versa can certainly trigger some people. I believe it is something like calling Welsh people British because you couldn’t care less. Or, in my case, I don’t think I will be able to tell.

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Welcome WordPress

Hello, guys. After some consideration, I’ve moved my site off Blogger and have moved to WordPress. Blogger was just too barebone to move forward. Thankfully, old posts were able to be imported.

Now, for the new site, I am going to be doing two things.

  1. I will review old Korean manwha that I have in my comic room. I will probably do one or two reviews per month.
  2. Remember a novel I was writing? I still write that. I am going to have its own section dedicated to that. I’ve also done some 3D works to enhance the work.

I will gradually work on making the site look better in the upcoming days.