Anime that I am fond of are dying.

Anime I used to know have long vanished. That itself is perhaps fine. I mean, trends change. I am not one to long for the past and am quick to move on.

However, what I consider good qualities have been vanishing and are replaced by swallow elements.

Allow me to go deeper.

➤ 3D is killing anime
I think it was around year 2015 when I began to see 3D being used more and more. 3D effects go far beyond that but entire anime scenes being replaced with 3D is becoming more common.
Again, that itself is fine but anime being rendered with 3D is often interior and you can easily tell (at least I can) 3D scenes from hand drawn scenes.
The benefit of 3D is that it saves time. A computer (or a cluster of computers) will generate all the moving parts. How convenient it may be, hand drawn anime will always be superior.

➤ Style is gone.
The days of each anime looking different is gone. Most anime series look very, VERY, alike. There is no good that can come out of this trend.
This is my current biggest issue with anime. It is never a good idea to steamline styles and ditch creativity.

➤ Boob and skirt physics
Nowdays, anime studios appears to be spending too much efforts in breast physics.
Gone are the days where girl skirts obeyed gravity and physics. Nowadays, anime girl skirts completely defy gravity and physics to hide their underwear from showing.

In older anime, girls didn’t tend to wear micro skirts. Thus, they had no problem with waving clothes.
Nowadays? Anime girls wear impossibly short skirts. A certain useless Goddess doesn’t even wear her underwear.
I should make it clear that I am not dying to see their underwear. I am simply pointing out a rather bad trend from modern anime.

One: Girls don’t need to wear micro skirts.
Two: They don’t have to add so much physics to their boobs.

➩ Plot length
Anime plot is not something I am complaining here because I am finding about the same amount of anime I find interesting as I did back in 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.
Compared to the older days, anime plots are far more diverse now. That’s a good thing.

However, I must point out that the recent thread of short “seasons” is not helping. I cannot invest in a series for long enough to be attached before it ends at 11 or 12 episode.

Now, this trend has merits for anime studios. If a series fails, their losses won’t be as big as when anime studio used to have 26 and more episodes.
At the same time, short seasons kills momentum. A series can succeed over time. Some manga do start slow and build up momentum later.

Such manga are discarded nowadays for anime adaptation due to exactly that. A short season will be a failure and anime studios are not willing to risk a failure with a long season (26 episodes).
Anime studios nowadays are too business-minded.

At the same time, I must also point out that the younger viewers are often quite impatient. If they don’t enjoy the first and perhaps the second episode, they quickly discard such anime.


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