Asian games, football (AKA soccer in America) final game

For a lot of Koreans, football (known as soccer in America) is the unofficial national game. We take a lot of pride in it.

And often times its Korea vs. Japan in final which often makes it extra special.

Today, September 1st, Asian games 2018 football final was Korea vs. Japan. And the game had a special string attached to it aside from a fact that Korea was on verge of winning 2 concessive finals.

This game was Tottenham Hotspur striker Son Heung-min’s last chance to avoid Korea’s mandatory military service (21 months) because winning a gold medal in any major tournament would spare him of the mandatory military service. (Silver and bronze also count for Olympics)

At 26 years of age, this was really the last chance for him. If failed, he’d rot his important 2 years in military because 28 is the limit a male can postpone being drafted into the service.

In the end though, the game was won by Korea, 2-1 AET.

You can read the final report (in Korean) here if you wish. But in a nutshell, the comment box was filled with fellow Koreans congratulating Son being spared of military service.

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