EQH Ep. 121 & a bit of rant

Recently, yet another manga aggregator site called “MangaDex” approached me asking whether they could upload my work while claiming that they are the spiritual successor to Batoto and would fully acknowledge my wishes of uploading policy.

I told them no and they uploaded all of my work anyway which makes them no better than other aggregator sites out there.

Batoto did acknowledge my uploading policy. MangaDex doesn’t care.

This is the biggest problem I have with the scanlation world which is why I’ve withdrawn from this bullshit.

EQH-121 (MEGA)

8 thoughts on “EQH Ep. 121 & a bit of rant

  1. Actually, someone uploaded your stuff way before the other person contacted you about it.In any case, I don't agree with some of their uploading policies. If you actually read their policies it says if a group has been inactive for 4 months, their \”do not upload\” policies will be ignored. So even if you say you don't want to allow them to upload your stuff, if you go inactive/shut down, they will upload them anyway. And if someone already uploaded your things and you want to restrict uploads, they expect you to go through a process and take over the \”group\” so that you can restrict access, rather than looking at a site's upload policy and respecting that which Batoto did.


  2. If you \”take over\” the group, you can restrict uploads and even ask the md team for help to take the uploaded chapters down.The 4 months rule is to ensure that scanlation efforts don't just get lost to the void once a group closes.


  3. Which means Mangadex shouldn't call themselves to be successor of Batoto. The simple fact that my policy was ignored is the proof. Another issue I have with general aggregator sites is that they treat scanlation as asset instead of gift they are being given, attempting to get a stronger hold of them and not wanting to let them go.


  4. Another reason why they're different from batoto: https://vatoto.com/forums/topic/2908-how-long-until-an-inactive-groups-policies-because-null/?p=38779Per Grumpy, a scanlator hosting policy \”stands to the end of time.\”Expectations seems reversed as well. With Batoto, uploaders were expected to know whether or not a series could be uploaded due to known group policies. Per rules and guidelines https://vatoto.com/forums/forum-127/announcement-2-rules-guidelines/ \”Don't upload contents restricted by the scanlator's policy. If the scanlator says no uploading, it means no uploading here.\”With Mangadex they are expecting every scanlator to put their foot down and ask for removal if they don't allow hosting. Which I don't understand why mangadex doesn't have this info to begin with since (IIRC) they had batoto's metadata for all the comics/groups. I understand that MangaDex is doing their best to improve and make the readers experience/site usability better, but if their intention was to be a \”successor\” of Batoto, then I feel that they've lost some of Batoto's core values that made Batoto what it was regarding its relationship with scanlators.


  5. Oops correction to previous comment, they did not have group metadata. But that still wouldn't have been a problem, since they did ask users to help fill out manga update links for all the comic pages, the same could have been asked for group hosting policies.


  6. I agree that mangadex is definitely a moral step down from Batoto. I think they indeed tried to be the spiritual successor, but slightly missed the point simply due to not having the same values in the first place.They are successfully taking up the space in the ecosystem that Batoto did, however (for better or for worse).I'm aware it's not my place to ask, but if you could rant somewhere where they could hear (like their forums) I'd appreciate it. I've considered saying something, but as a reader I don't think my voice carries much weight… It's still a relatively new site with not quite everything set in stone yet, so it's not impossible that someone could be persuaded. Or maybe I'm just being optimistic…


  7. I don't feel like they are even worth arguing with. If there was any indication that they were any different than other aggregate sites, I may have tried, but as far as I can see, there is absolutely nothing different about them. They are just another aggregate site.


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