[Manwha] Anuki [2002]

Anuki sets its place in a fictional war ridden era. Given technologies displayed in the manwha, I take it’s somewhere around 1930, basically World War I era. Released in 2002, this was another manwha that drew my attention in early 2000 along with Yureka. I’ve fully scanlated this. However, due to translation quality, I’ve pulled … More [Manwha] Anuki [2002]

Fake fans

I’ve had this thought for some decades. But I haven’t said out loudly. So, let’s say that Mike really loves anime A. He, living overseas, torrents the series and watches it. He loves it so much that he even reads scanlation. And finally he proclaims that he is a huge fan of the author’s work.

Welcome WordPress

Hello, guys. After some consideration, I’ve moved my site off Blogger and have moved to WordPress. Blogger was just too barebone to move forward. Thankfully, old posts were able to be imported. Now, for the new site, I am going to be doing two things. I will review old Korean manwha that I have in … More Welcome WordPress