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Kimi kara no resume

** If you wish to download the project, you have to request a download link by making a comment on appropriate titles. I've chosen to remove all downloads in order to save webhosting space. ** This was a 2004 project, scanlated from a Korean version of K ...

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Muffled message

What would you have done if you were him? Either choice is really wrong. However, the two choices he had stood very far from each other from moral point of view. The choice he has made in the story is morally right. However, if he had chosen to live wit ...

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Guest - D
awwww, did you drop this? ;-;
Download link available.
One of my first manhwas and my favorite so far. The plot is delivered to the readers in a unique way...
Hello! Can I get a download link for this project please? I would like to read it
Wow... That was a pretty nice story. Quite touching for me. I liked the mystery as well.
Thank you ...
what should i do to have the links for perfect couple?
and if you have an idea to where i c...
In my opinion, Wanderer's ace is better. It's shorter and has bolder messages.
Glad you liked it I enjoyed editing it.
There's a related story titled Haunted School: Wanderer's ...