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Useful Good-for-nothing

Cha Ji-Yyoung is a journalist who makes a terrible mistake and is forced to make amends for his fault. He is forced to crossdress and enter a woman's university to reveal corruptions. His ... interesting life as a 22 yr-old female dancing student begins. ...


Karma works in mysterious ways. A girl makes somewhat of an innocent ... mistake. It bites her back hard, so hard that it literally ruins her life.

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Kyle's Final Fantasy

Kyle redefines the wonderful word, "Loser". Kyle is an adventurer or so he claims. What he does best however is losing. He loses really brilliantly.

Category:One shots
Over the D

Dimension cop Beat has been looking for a way to go back to his own dimension. But things haven't been going too well for him. In fact, it can't go any worse. Then he finally gets a chance to score. ...


Punch road is about a loser who was born in a rich family. From early age, he became spoiled. Our protagonist is the definition of a true loser, knowing no dignity, showing no guts. But that's okay because everyone else in this story is pretty much as los ...

The way this boy lives

** If you wish to download the project, you have to request a download link by making a comment on appropriate titles. I've chosen to remove all downloads in order to save webhosting space. ** This was my first official project. It started in late 2002. ...

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Guest - D
awwww, did you drop this? ;-;
Download link available.
One of my first manhwas and my favorite so far. The plot is delivered to the readers in a unique way...
Hello! Can I get a download link for this project please? I would like to read it
Wow... That was a pretty nice story. Quite touching for me. I liked the mystery as well.
Thank you ...
what should i do to have the links for perfect couple?
and if you have an idea to where i c...
In my opinion, Wanderer's ace is better. It's shorter and has bolder messages.
Glad you liked it I enjoyed editing it.
There's a related story titled Haunted School: Wanderer's ...