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Prince of Destruction

This is a 3-volume manhwa (Korean comic) by Eun Young Kang."Eun Young Kang" is known (By foreigners) for Yaya and Hissing. This is one of her early works.This manhwa starts with telling you a legend. The legend involves an ancient alcohol jar. Once in a b ...

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Guest - D
awwww, did you drop this? ;-;
Download link available.
One of my first manhwas and my favorite so far. The plot is delivered to the readers in a unique way...
Hello! Can I get a download link for this project please? I would like to read it
Wow... That was a pretty nice story. Quite touching for me. I liked the mystery as well.
Thank you ...
what should i do to have the links for perfect couple?
and if you have an idea to where i c...
In my opinion, Wanderer's ace is better. It's shorter and has bolder messages.
Glad you liked it I enjoyed editing it.
There's a related story titled Haunted School: Wanderer's ...