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Webtoon "라라팔루저" Lallpalooza

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Sura created the topic: Webtoon "라라팔루저" Lallpalooza

Lallpalooza is a female boxing webtoon which is rare on its own. I wasn’t expecting much as I started to read but I was immediately drawn into the webtoon by its soothing art and atmosphere.

This webtoon, in short, is brilliant. It’s comical and sincere at the same time.


The plot

The protagonist is a typical example of strong pre-teen girl turning into a dud as she grows up. Being pressured into getting into a university, our protagonist is forced to study her brains out which isn’t her forte at all. She studies anyway without much success.
To vent her stress, she smokes which is illegal since she’s a high school girl.

She also bemoans getting “too old” because she can’t even beat guys of similar age which, in truth, is due to the facts that she smokes and never work out due to having to study. She also has a big debt for her age which mounts at over 500 dollars which she embezzled from her fan club which has now turned against her and are chasing her down.

She is also very stressed about her breast size which is a lot smaller than girls of her age.
In short, nothing is working out for her as the plot begins.

Her life takes a sharp turn when she gets involved in boxing by pure accident. Although she fails to realize at first, she finally finds her inner fire from the sport.

My personal take on it

I feel this webtoon is brilliant. I was drawn into it immediately from get-go and I was up to the latest chapter in an hour.

Another positive for this webtoon is that girls’ skirts do not deny gravity. Ah, yes, I am talking about panty shots. You will see plenty of them in this webtoon as the protagonist wears a mini skirt as a part of her school uniform and she’s very athletic. I don’t get how high school girls are allowed to wear mini skirts in the first place but this is a common trend in manga and webtoon.

And there is something about the title. The moment I saw it, the only image in my head was a loser. And what do you know, the protagonist starts out as a total loser.