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Webtoon "그녀의 시간" Her time

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Sura created the topic: Webtoon "그녀의 시간" Her time

The title is "그녀의 시간 " which translates to "Her time". This is the exact translation.


This is a brilliant webtoon and its concept is somewhat similar to "Again, Spring" which I worked on previously.

The plot

The webtoon begins with a married man complaining about her wife in his head as they have a small argument in their car. They are driving at night on a narrow highway curve. When their car makes the turn, a large truck is seen coming their way. Long story short, their car is battered and his wife is killed instantly.

Only after loss of his wife, he begins to realize how much his wife meant to him. Basically, he took her for granted.
After some time, he finds a new job as a high school teacher. And in his class room, he finds his wife – or someone who looks exactly like his wife.
Soon enough, he realizes that his time is twisted. His whole time spectrum is twisted that he is living in his wife's high school days, hence the title "Her time".

Although initially confused as hell, he soon finds himself attracted to the high school version of his wife. At the same time, he finds more about his wife's life. Crucially, he finds out that his wife had another man in her mind.

At the same time, he finds a professor who is a self-claimed specialist in time. He warns that the protagonist's time spectrum has become entangled with another time spectrum. The bottom line is that the time spectrum would eventually correct itself, and when it does correct itself, the protagonist's time spectrum would alter forever.

Meaning, depending on the protagonist's actions, memories of his wife could be completely wiped.
How? If the protagonist helps his wife to choose her high school sweetheart, she would eventually reject the protagonist in the future which would lead to his memories about her being wiped out completely without him realizing.

My personal take on it

This webtoon is largely about regrets. "Should have, would have" is what drives this webtoon. The plot advances at a stable and steady pace and harmony between plot devices is good.

Art wise, the author's skill is a little limited. As far as I can see, variation in faces is about 8 (Men and women combined). The result is everyone starts to look very similar as you read further on.