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Webtoon "고개 숙인 자들" Those who have their heads dropped

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Sura created the topic: Webtoon "고개 숙인 자들" Those who have their heads dropped

This webtoon's title is "고개 숙인 자들" which translates as "Those who have their heads dropped". That is the exact translation.


The art caught my eye a while ago. I haven't bothered reading it until few days ago.

The plot and setting
This webtoon has an interesting concept. Special cellphones dictate certain people's lives. These special cellphones have special abilities. Each one has different abilities.

For an example, the main protagonist's cellphone allows its user to change face.

Of course, such powers come with a price. A user's life is tied to the cellphone. If its battery runs out or it breaks, its tied user will also die.
The protagonist A came across the phone seemingly by accident and became aware of its abilities as well as its prices soon after. But she still chooses to use it. By borrowing her own words, "I'd do anything to become pretty!".

There is another protagonist B (male this time) who seeks the killer for his younger sister. His phone is also special. By unlikely coincidence, the protagonist A's appearance is exactly the same as B's younger sister.

B's plot to seek out the killer drives the main plot although it seems pretty much everyone around A & B are special.

My personal take on it.

The plot is often comical but only bit by bit. The overall atmosphere is dark. The comical bits don't really help enhancing the dark mood overall. The plot has a lot of holes which I suppose will be answered later.

Personally, I feel the plot is too incomplete and feel rushed. Plot devices don't often click and plot advances rather awkwardly. Above average art is all it has. I'd give this a thumb down. But, hey, it's free to read.


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