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Buying figurines

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Sura created the topic: Buying figurines

Purchasing anime/game figurine local can be almost impossible in many places.

So, that's where online shops come in play. Personally, I do not recommend buying figures locally from shops because they charge a lot more than they should because the shops (middlemen) need to make a profit.

For me, my two main sources are Ebay and Mandrake shop .
Mandrake is going to be probably the cheapest option but deals can be found on Ebay as well.

You will come across used (2nd hand) figures a lot. Most of time, as long as sellers state that it''s in mint condition, you will be fine.
HOWEVER, do note this: when buying figures with a lot of skins (sexy figures), ALWAYS always buy new because some are known to play with their figures.

Regarding bootlegs (AKA Chinese version, re-cast version, etc),
Any figure from China is pretty much guaranteed to be bootlegs (fake). If you are wondering quality differences, the difference is HUGE.
For an experiment, I did purchase a bootleg (Kagura, Gintama) and the quality of the bootleg was a huge let down.

Figures from Hong Kong can easily be bootlegs as well nowadays.

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blade replied the topic: Buying figurines

oddly i've always wanted to get figures but never acted on it, until 2 years ago. I've got nothing special or super high quality but I am planning to get a few more and was actually looking at used ones for the price difference. Checking out mandarake right now. Once my rally car decides to stop eating my cash plan it to get some figures and some anime cels.

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Sura replied the topic: Buying figurines

Well, it's certainly odd that I started collecting after 40-something years.
But the collecting began with Gintama.

As for used figures, as long as sellers state that the condition is fine or "mint", I think you will be okay. But never buy used sexy figures unless you are fine with the idea that the seller might have played with it.