Important notice for [Withered innocent cosmos]

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Sura created the topic: Important notice for [Withered innocent cosmos]

You can view the original version (Korean obviously) here .

Withered innocent cosmos is a BL webtoon I recently picked up. I don't generally work on BL genre but, from time to time, there are BL manwha / webtoon I do like. (BL = Boys Love, AKA homosexual)

What I generally want from BL webtoon is desperation, urgency, and dark atmosphere. When those three elements are combined and worked out well, it makes a very good background especially for a BL work. I felt this webtoon had all three elements and was working out well which was why I picked it up.

But those three elements often mean adult (18+) stuff and it seems the author of Withered innocent cosmos is having an issue with Naver webtoon and potentially with Fox webtoon.

The original link I provided on top means his work (Withered innocent cosmos) has been barred from being displayed from Naver webtoon for being inappropriate. It is an understandable decision from Naver.

The author is now saying that, if Fox webtoon also bars his work, then he will abandon the webtoon and create something else.

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Sura replied the topic: Important notice for [Withered innocent cosmos]

The author has dropped this webtoon today.

You should know that this webtoon started as "a challenge webtoon" meaning the author was under no (moral) obligation of completing it.
The author states he started off badly and wanting to shake everything up and restart (and probably remove some sexually explicit scenes in doing so).

The author removed the webtoon but I had his latest release on my harddrive, so I uploaded the last bits.