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Rana Robert created the topic: re-translate

Hi Sura
How are you
I am very interesting in Delsez and I really would like to re-translate it into Arabic
I did not start yet, I just want to tell you that I will keep your name and signature
But I am asking if it is OK to share my work in Arabic manga-share for my team?
this is my blog
I am waiting for your replay to start in re-translate
thank you so much

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Sura replied the topic: re-translate


Requesting permission to translate scanlations into other languages.

You do not need my permission to re-translate my projects into another langauge.

However, I do ask you to keep Sura's place (formerly JanimeS) logo on the scans intact. And I do ask you to report what project you will be re-translating and your team's URL.

Very old scanlations don't have it (Those that were done in 2003 and early 2004), but most of them have a logo throughout pages, not every pages though.Every ten pages, it should bear a logo of JanimeS.
The logo basically looks like this.